Monday, June 29, 2015

Little Nie Selfies

It's a new week!
Enjoy these fantastic selfies the Little Nies took on my phone.
It's Monday, and I feel you need a good laugh...who doesn't?

Speaking of kids,
If you are around Utah on July 11th and need something
 for your little rascals to do,
 check out the football clinic fundraiser that Acacia Shade is hosting.  
 It's an amazing opportunity, cheap and has some with 
big football names attached to it (think Ziggy Ansah)
You can sign up HERE
OR if you want to help a child attend the camp, who
is unable for financial reasons, 
You can go HERE to help.  
(That would be really cool of you).

Friday, June 26, 2015

Steve, Matt, Page, Christopher, Andrew, Courtney, Jesse, Stephanie, Lucy

Last month all 9 of my sibling's got together for pictures.
It was quite an ordeal having us all together with our varying schedules, 
busy work and family life, 
it certainly was harder than we imagined to coordinate.
Our intentions were to surprise mom 
with a photo of all her children for Mothers Day, 
but like mentioned above, schedules were hard to coordinate, 
so it was a few weeks late.
(L-R top row: Topher, Courtney, Andrew, Page, Jesse
bottom row: me, Steve, Lucy & Matt)

Enjoy some Clark Family Stats:
-Between all us, we have 44 1/2 children, and 1 great-grand cub on the way.
-We all live in Utah.
-We are all happily married.
-7/9 of my siblings served a Mormon missions (except me and Page) in Peru,
 Chile, Finland, Spain, Canada, Puerto Rico, and England.
-Right now, 4 of my siblings have dogs and no one has cats.
Steve, Topher, Andrew and Courtney have blue eyes, Matt, Page,
 and Lucy have brown eyes while Jesse and I have green eyes.
-7 of us have graduated from college.
-1 of us has a PhD. (Topher).
-I am the tallest of the girls and Andrew is the tallest of the boys.
We come from good pioneer stock and are blessed beyond comprehension.
Of course we have our ups and downs, hardships and trials but we love
 each other and have married wonderful spouses who are as equally wonderful.
I believe and know that nothing is as important in my family 
(the one I was born into and the one I am raising), 
than honoring marriage and family. 
 Family relationships can be tricky, frustrating, and hard but so important.  
I am learning each day that I have a lot to learn and relationships take effort. 
These people are my blood, they are my eternal brothers and sisters and friends.
We don't all agree on everything, but have genuine love and 
desire for each other to succeed and progress.
Special thanks to Justin Hackworth for the amazing photos! 

 Speaking of families...have you hugged yours today? 
Spiritual Enlightenment: Families under covenant.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Project Lunch round 2

Since it's summer, I am carrying on my tradition: "Project Lunch".
Which is where each Little Nie is in charge of Lunch one day a week.
 This means they have to plan, help shop for, prepare,
 and clean up lunch one day a week.
 Despite my nudging for the Little Nies to branch out to other food selections, 
it's pretty safe to say we eat a lot of quesadillas.
We also have a lot of different types of smoothies.  
The kids make up their own concoctions
of flavors, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, and yogurt.
We have pita and hummus, bakes potatoes, homemade french fries, 
pita bread pizzas, cheese sandwiches, veggie dogs, nachos, 
and fruit and veggie plates. Nicholas always chooses to make something 
with fantastic exotic fruits like Dragon fruit, kiwano, and rambutan. 

The Little Nies go through my cookbook after church on
Sunday to find recipes for the week.
They write down what they chose on the family calender and then
 write the ingredients down on my weekly shopping list.
 They found out early on that the more ingredients- the harder the dish, 
and the more work they will have to put into preparing and cleaning up,
hence: quesadillas.
The only rule is, we can't duplicate a lunch idea in the same week. 
 I am always in the kitchen to answer questions and help out when they need me.
Today Jane made homemade bread.  She made everyone their 
own loaf to do whatever they want with it.  
Nicholas picked at his loaf when it was convenient or when he was hungry.
Oliver packed his away in his army bag, so he would have something
 to eat when he pretends to be a Navy Seal in the hills above out home.
Claire likes her with butter and raspberry jam and Jane ate hers with honey.
I devoured my loaf with Lottie.
Can't wait for Oliver's crepes tomorrow!

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