Friday, August 29, 2014

Three exciting things:

 Here are three exciting things happening this weekend:

1. I can put piggies in Lotties hair.
2. College football begins
3. I am going to try and win a Harley Davidson (below)

Happy weekend!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

An afternoon with the Little Nies

Since the Little Nies are in school now, its a lot quieter around here.
(Which I like and am grateful for).
But when they step foot in the front door after school- our day is non-stop.
A typical after-school day is usually this:
(Not including church meetings, or other obligations)

2:55- Pick up Claire at middle school.
3:20- Pick up Jane, Ollie and Nicholas at school.
3:30- Walk in the door and force the Little Nies to wash their hands.
3:31- Snacks.  Usually fresh fruit, pita and hummus, toast, veggies dipped in ranch dressing (gross).
4:00- homework.  I usually give the children one hour to complete, because any longer than that cuts into their outside time, and to be honest, homework shouldn't be any longer than that.
5:00- Playtime.  This means the boys will make awesome sound effects with their mouths as they play cars, or helicopters, or pretend they are army men.  The girls usually follow me around the house talking to me about their day. 
6:00- I begin dinner.
7:00- We sit down as a family and eat.
8:00- I clean up dinner while Mr. Nielson assists with motivating the children into a shower.
8:30- Kids read for 20 minutes or until everyone is out of the shower.
8:50- Teeth brushed & family prayer.
9:00 BED

Then it's quiet time for me and Mr. Nielson.
We talk about the day, maybe eat a bowl of cereal maybe 
watch a little Jimmy Fallon, 
or do other equally exciting things.
But before we turn off the lights, 
we always end our day together with a prayer.  
We trade off who offers the prayer each evening.  
THIS is the best time of the day for me.
And that is our afternoon/evening.
Maybe I'll share with you our mornings, because they are pretty busy too.
Do you have similar days?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ride to Freedom

A few weeks ago, Mr. Nielson was honored to join
the jump team for Operation Underground Railroad (or O.U.R.)
He and some of the coolest guys you'll ever meet prepared physically 
and emotionally for their mission in the Dominican Republic.
Their mission was to "steal" 26 slave children ages 11-14,
boys and girls, but mostly girls.
It's sad and horrible and the details are enough to make you sick,
 but the mission was successful and these children are free now. 
Mr. Nielson was part of the O.U.R. undercover team
who acted as purchasers to the child-traffickers.
They actually "purchased" the children to save them,
then helped the government prosecute the bad guys.
The O.U.R experts plan each mission carefully so it's legal and safe.
And the countries they work in are 100% behind O.U.R. guys
(some of whom are former Navy Seals and CIA operatives).

Watch the video on O.U.R.: 

Mr. Nielson returned home after the mission and hugged our Little Nies. 
 I think his heart was breaking, but he was also so thankful. 
 He had seen some pretty hard and sad images.  He was overwhelmed.
After he showered up he slept most of the day
since it was pretty intense and he was a little sleep-deprived.
I love you Mr. Nielson.  You are my brave man.
Also to note: You should know Tim Ballard because he is a hero.
He is someone that our children need to know.
He is someone our sons need to emulate and grow up to be like.
He is everything a man ought to be.
(Thanks Tim from the bottom of our hearts.)
((also, Tim kind of looks like Paul Walker and has a sexy voice))
(above: This is instagram that I got when the jump was complete!
  I was so thrilled.
(Follow @ourrescue for updates and information on Instagram )
But there are millions more waiting to be saved and waiting for help. 
We can help.
Please donate to OUR and help them fund their next "jump" (or mission).

* * * * * *
Also, be on the look out for the upcoming movie "The Abolitionists"
which will be a fill-length documentary on Tim Ballard and his team.
 Due out soon.

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